Upcoming Events
Date Event Location Contact
20 December 2022 ASPI Workshop Online Event Ms Ulfah Aulia
15 December 2022 Panel Discussion on Trade for Growth in Indonesia Launch of the World Bank Indonesia Economic Prospects Report Jakarta, Indonesia Ms Catherin Nur Safitri
13 December 2022 Support to BKF Workshop Hybrid Event Ms Ulfah Aulia
8 December 2022 The 1st Meeting of ERIA’s Working Group on ‘Best Practices of Carbon Abatement Approaches: The Application of CCUS and Natural Carbon Sink’ (FY2022 – 2023) Bangkok, Thailand Ms Tri Manik
Past Events
Date Event Location Contact
29 November 2022 The 20th Economix: Global Economic Challenges 'The Aftermath of Global Economy and Political Insecurity: A Modern Challenge towards Interdependencies' Jakarta, Indonesia Ms Catherin Nur Safitri
24 November 2022 Research Institutes Network (RIN) Meeting in FY2022 Hybrid Event Ms Handayani
23 November 2022 ERIA-IGES-APRSCP Hybrid Event: ‘The Implementation of Extended Producer Responsibility in the Asian Context: Challenges and Lessons Learned' Hybrid Event Ms Hera Diani
22 November 2022 ERIA-ADB-AWS Webinar: Accelerating Digital Health Outcomes with the Cloud Virtual Room Ms Amelia Litania