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Coping with Rapid Population Ageing in Asia

Editor(s)/Author(s) : - 29 June 2021
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Can you imagine the life of octogenarians, nonagenarians, or centenarians? It may be difficult if you do not have any limitations on daily activities. But we are much more likely than our ancestors – even our parents or grandparents – to live to such an age. The increase in the number of older adults is accompanied by a rise in the number of people with care needs. How can we cope with the expanding care needs in the era of population ageing?

This book deals with two critical issues that accompany population ageing: long-term care systems (discussed in Part I of the book) and the cross-border movement of long-term care workers (Part II of the book) – focusing on Asia, where the population is ageing at the fastest pace in the world. The book provides basic information that will be useful for further dialogue and international collaboration on improvement of the quality and sustainability of long-term care systems without leaving any older adult behind.

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Coping with Rapid Population Ageing in Asia


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Foreword and Preface

Table of Contents

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PART 1: National Policies and System of Long-term Care in Asia

Chapter 1: National Policies, Systems, and Practices of Long-term Care in Asia

Chapter 2: Long-term Care in China: Public Response to the Ageing Society

Chapter 3: Long-term Care Provision in Japan

Chapter 4: Policy Issues of Long-term Care for Older People in the Republic of Korea

Chapter 5: An Overview of Singapore’s Long-term Care System: Towards a Community Model of Care

Chapter 6: Long-term Care Policy and Implementation in Thailand

Chapter 7: Older Persons and Long-term Care in Viet Nam

Chapter 8: Conclusion

PART 2: Care Workers Migration in Ageing Asia

Chapter 1: Care Workers Migration in Ageing Asia

Chapter 2: Migration of the Indonesian Care Workforce in Response to the Ageing Population, and Future Challenges

Chapter 3: A New Era for Policies for Care Workers in Japan: Current Status and Future Directions

Chapter 4: The Philippine Health and Care Workforce in an Ageing World

Chapter 5: Sending More or Sending Better Care Workers Abroad?  A Dilemma of Viet Nam’s Labour Exporting Strategy

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