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Health and Long-term Care Information in Ageing Asia

Editor(s)/Author(s) : - 2 September 2022
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Global ageing is continuing. Not only the proportion of older persons, but also the absolute numbers of older persons in emerging countries have been increasing more rapidly than in high-income countries in the past. This report identifies what information is needed to assess health and long-term care in ageing Asia in three parts. In part A, cause of death statistics in ASEAN+3 countries are examined. While several countries are capable of registering all deaths with causes of death, some are collecting information using sample surveys, and countries without registered based vital statistics are now implementing new technologies of civil registration. Part B is an updated analysis of demand and supply of long-term care in Asia, from the research conducted by the same authors (ERIA Research Project Report 2018, No.08). South-Central and West Asian countries, where female labour participation is different from East and Southeast Asia, are included in the analysis. In Part C, the Vietnamese register-based population data is analysed as an example of a potential data source. Each country in Asia is facing its own challenges in getting better population health information, and regional cooperation is crucial for making progress.

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Health and Long-term Care Information in Ageing Asia 


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Part A Cause of Death Statistics in ASEAN+3 Countries

Part B Demand and Supply of Long-Term Care for Older Persons in Asia (Updated)

Part C Analysis of the Viet Nam Population Database

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