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Special Report of COVID-19 Impacts on Energy Demand and Energy-Saving Potential in East Asia, 2021

Editor(s)/Author(s) : - 9 December 2022
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The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and East Asia face tremendous challenges in navigating the future energy landscape and in determining how the energy transition will embrace new architectures, including sound policy and technologies, to ensure access to energy that is affordable, secure, and sustainable. The East Asia Summit (EAS) economies have been hit hard by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, but energy demand growth is expected to bounce back strongly as the economies recover after 2022. All decisions and energy policy measures will need to be weighed against potentially higher energy costs and security risks in the post–COVID-19 era.

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Special Report of COVID-19 Impacts on Energy Demand and Energy-Saving Potential in East Asia, 2021


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Executive Summary

Chapter 1 Impact of COVID-19 on Energy Demand in ASEAN

Chapter 2 Impacts of COVID-19 on Energy Demand in the Asia-Pacific Countries

Chapter 3 Australia Country Report

Chapter 4 Cambodia Country Report

Chapter 5 China Country Report

Chapter 6 India Country Report

Chapter 7 Indonesia Country Report

Chapter 8 Japan Country Report

Chapter 9 Republic of Korea Country Report

Chapter 10 Lao People's Democratic Republic Country Report

Chapter 11 Malaysia Country Report

Chapter 12 Myanmar Country Report

Chapter 13 New Zealand Country Report 

Chapter 14 Philippines Country Report

Chapter 15 Singapore Country Report

Chapter 16 Thailand Country Report

Chapter 17 Viet Nam Country Report

Chapter 18 United States Country Report

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