1st MEV-MEJ Forum Meeting 'Establishment of Comprehensive Cancer Control Measures Starting with the Screening System'
15 March 2023

The MEV-MEJ Forum is a group of like-minded members from Vietnam and Japan who are committed to solving issues in the medical and healthcare field in Vietnam as a whole, not individual problems at their hospitals, universities, etc., through cooperation with Japan, intending to foster a medical healthcare market in Vietnam and beyond, contributing to healthcare issues in Asia.

The 1st MEV-MEJ Forum meeting will be held with the theme of the establishment of comprehensive cancer control measures starting with the screening system. It provides lectures on comprehensive cancer control measures in Japan, delves into the challenges of cancer control measures in Vietnam, and discusses the possible collaborative projects between Vietnam and Japan for the early detection of cancer in Vietnam.

This meeting will be provided in Vietnamese/Japanese. The audience can choose either language via Zoom.


Date: Wednesday, 15 March 2023
Time: 8 AM - 12 PM (Ha Noi Time | GMT+7)
Place: Main Hall, Hanoi Medical University


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