ASEAN-Japan Business Week 2023
5 June 2023

The ASEAN region has long been at the center of international business for Japanese companies. However, the environment has undergone significant changes in recent years. The diversification of needs and intensification of competition accompanying economic development are further accelerating. Concurrent with the realization of affluence, interest in various social challenges has increased, and sustainability has become a strong concern in various aspects of business. As the international trend toward decarbonization accelerates, new business opportunities are also expected to emerge there, as exemplified by the "green growth" debate. As ASEAN region changes, its relationship with Japan is also changing dramatically, and it is important to catch up with the direction and speed of change in ASEAN, while at the same time recognizing the advantages of Japan, so that ASEAN and Japan can co-create a new future.

With this in mind, the ASEAN-Japan Economic Co-Creation Vision Formulation Project was launched at last year's ASEAN-Japan Business Week 2022 to discuss and formulate the direction of future ASEAN-Japan economic relations, involving the business communities of ASEAN and Japan. This year, the interim report of the ASEAN-Japan Economic Co-Creation Vision will be released at the Business Week, and a variety of discussions will be held by experts from various fields in line with the Vision's contents (e.g., realization of a sustainable socio-economy, promotion of open innovation, enhancement of connectivity, co-creation of human capital, etc.) on themes such as the latest business situation in ASEAN region, future business possibilities, and specific examples of initiatives by companies that are leading the way and so on.


Date: 5-9 June 2023
Venue: Virtual Event


Day 1 - 5 June 2023
ASEAN-Japan Economic Co-Creation Vision, etc.







Opening Session

The vision for a new ASEAN-Japan cooperation ï½žASEAN-Japan Economic Co-Creation Vision~

Expectation for ASEAN-Japan Young Business Leaders’ Summit

Expectation for ASEAN-Japan Generation Z Leaders’ Summit

Changing global situation and the roles of ASEAN and Japan

Welcome Reception

DAY 2 - 6 June 2023
Collaboration between large companies and startups, etc.







Successful Startups of ASEAN and Japan (*tentative)

Co-creating innovation between ASEAN startups and Japanese companies and expanding businesses in Japan

Harnessing Social Innovation for Inclusive and Sustainable Development

Asia Zero Emission Community (AZEC) and ASEAN Net Zero Hub (*tentative)

Cooperation between ASEAN and Japan through Sports and Sports Business

How Japanese companies can contribute to ASEAN with their "Soft Power"

DAY 3 - 7 June 2023
Innovation through human resources development and solving social challenges, etc.




Human resource development and exchanges in ASEAN and Japan (*tentative)

New Challenges for Social Issue-Solving Business

Towards a community of innovation through co-creation and human resource development (*tentative)

DAY 4 - 8 June 2023
Realizing sustainability in the region through green investment, etc.




Overseas expansion of medical business in ASEAN (*tentative)

Promoting Energy Transition in ASEAN ï½žAcceleration of energy consumer-led green investment~

Realizing Circular Economy in ASEAN (*tentative)

DAY 5 - 9 June 2023
Strengthening connectivity through digitalization of supply chains and involving SMEs, etc.



Future outlook of economy and business in ASEAN

Finding business opportunity for regional SMEs in ASEAN region

Promoting Digitalization of Supply Chain in ASEAN-Japan


Presentation Slides

Slides from the RIETI-ERIA session 'Changing Global Situation and the Roles of ASEAN and Japan' can be downloaded here