The 9th Asia CCUS Network (ACN) Knowledge Sharing Conference 'Australia Experience on CCUS: Middle Arm- The Northern Territory's CCS Hub'
30 June 2023

The Asia CCUS Network was successfully launched on 22-23rd June 2021. Currently 14 countries (all ASEAN member countries, the United States, Australia, India and Japan) and more than 100 international organisations, companies, financial and research institutions are joining the Network. Members share the vision of CCUS development throughout the Asian region, and the Asia CCUS Network aims to contribute through the collaboration and cooperation on development and deployment of CCUS through organizing knowledge sharing conference regarding CCUS.

The Australian Government is very committed to contribute to the reduction of emission in lined with the Paris agreement in which clean technology such as CCUS and Direct Air Capture are amongst technologies very crucial to help countries and the regions to reach the net zero emission by 2050 as pledged in the recent COP 26 and COP 27. Translating this commitment into a practical programmes and projects to accelerate the development and deployment of CCUS, the Australian Government has launched an AUD 250 million program to deploy carbon capture, use and storage (CCUS) at scale. Within the EAS’s region, Australia is working hard to be one of the CCUS Hubs that could boost Australia’s CCUS capabilities through encouraging domestic and international research collaborations and lowering the cost of technology adoption. The Australia government has initiated the Carbon Capture, Use and Storage Development Fund which could provide businesses with grants of up AUD 25 million for pilot projects or pre-commercial projects aimed at reducing emissions.

The Northern Territory has huge potential to be a world-class gas production, manufacturing, and service hub. In this regard, the Territory aims to have AUD 40 billion economy by 2030, based largely on gas but tied to the commitment of net zero emissions by 2050.

The Northern Territory has identified gas reserves in excess of 30Tcf offshore and more than 500Tcf (OGIP) onshore. The new economy will be developed at Middle Arm in line with the objectives of climate change management. Incorporation of the industrial ecology approach that included CCS was instrumental in acquiring AUD 1.5 billion funding for enabling infrastructure required for the Low Emissions Hub. Part of the planning includes a multi-user facility for domestic and international CO2 disposal. Key activities have been laid out for the CCS hub in the Northern Territory such as (1) Decarbonisation Working Group to develop a Low Emissions Industrial Hub at Middle Arm; (2) Collaborating with the Timor-Leste Government and the LNG industry to secure access to the Bayu-Undan field as a CO2 depository; and (3) Collaborating with the Australian Government and LNG industry to secure additional CO2 storage capacity in North Australian waters.

The Northern Territory CCS hub - the Middle Arm CCS facility - is being designed for the recovery of >25Mtpa by 2040, which will be more than sufficient to address the Northern Territory’s CO2 emissions.  At current industry rates of CO2, the offshore fields have (unproven) potential to capture the Northern Territory’s emissions for more than 1500 years.

To learn more about the experience from the Northern Territory CCS hub, the Secretariat of ACN has been pleased to invite Dr Howard Smith, Director Industrial Ecologies and Government Lead Carbon Capture Utilisation and Storage (CCUS), Gas Taskforce Unit, Department of the Chief Minister and Cabinet, Northern Territory Government, to share the update development and knowledge on CCS hub in the Northern Territory, Australia. This conference aims to share the experience from Australia on CCUS policy development as well as challenges from the demonstration projects.

Event Details

Date: Friday, 30 June 2023
Time: 1.30 PM to 2.30 PM (Jakarta Time | GMT+7)


1:30 PM – 1:35 PM

Opening and Welcoming remarks

  • Mr Shigeru Kimura, Special Advisor to the President on Energy Affairs, ERIA

1:35 PM – 2 PM

Middle Arm – The Northern Territory’s CCS Hub

Moderated by by I Gusti Suarnaya Sidemen, ERIA Expert on CCS/CCUS

Presented by Dr Howard Smith, Director Industrial Ecologies and Government Lead Carbon Capture Utilisation and Storage (CCUS), Gas Taskforce Unit, Department of the Chief Minister and Cabinet, Northern Territory Government

2 PM – 2:25 PM

Open Discussion Session

2:25 PM – 2:30 PM

Closing Remarks

  • Dr Han Phoumin, Senior Energy Economist, ERIA

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