ERIA's Support for India's G20 Presidency

9 September 2023
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New Delhi, 9-10 September 2023: The 18th Summit of the Group of 20 (G20) took place in New Delhi, India, serving as the culmination of a series of G20 processes and meetings held throughout the year. ERIA played a role in bolstering India's G20 Presidency by actively engaging in working groups, participating in various ministerial meetings and summits, and making significant contributions to collaborative publications.

ERIA News:

  1. ERIA-IFPRI-ICRISAT-TNAU CACCI Asia jointly-organize T20 Side Event on Enhancing Global Food Security through Climate Smart Agriculture, Digital Innovations, and New Institutional Governance
  2. ERIA Joins B20 Summit Clarion Call for Responsible, Accelerated, Innovative, Sustainable and Equitable Global Growth
  3. ERIA Participates in G20 Trade and Investment Ministerial Meeting
  4. ERIA Joins T20 Summit Discussing Key Deliverables of India's G20 Presidency
  5. T20–ERIA–IIMB Special Side Event on G20's Adaptability to Digital Public Infrastructure in Driving Deep Sustainability
  6. ERIA President Joins G20 Energy Transitions Ministerial Meeting
  7. ERIA Contributes to Think 20 Deliberations on Sustainable Energy Transition
  8. Startup20 Summit: Driving Global Innovation and Inclusive Entrepreneurship across G20 Economies
  9. ERIA Joins B20 Surat Meet, Stresses Digitalization for Supply Chain Resilience
  10. ERIA Joins Call for Industrial Capacity Building in Scaling up G20 Circular Economy Transition
  11. ERIA President Participates in G20 Agriculture Ministers’ Meeting in Hyderabad, India
  12. ERIA Joins 3rd G20 Trade and Investment Working Group Meeting
  13. ERIA Joins Startup20 Meeting
  14. ERIA Participates in 2nd G20 Trade and Investment Working Group Meeting
  15. ERIA Contributes to the G20 Third Energy Transition Working Group Meeting Held in Mumbai
  16. ERIA Contributes to the Think20 Holds Mid-Year Conference
  17. ERIA-ENTEC-CII Jointly Organize a Business 20 Side Event on Enabling the Development of Regional Solar Supply Chains
  18. ERIA Joins 2nd Energy Transition Working Group Meeting
  19. ERIA Joins the 2nd Agricultural Deputies Meeting (ADM) of the Agriculture Working Group under India’s G20 Presidency
  20. ERIA's Intervention in the Trade and Investment Working Group Meeting of Deputies
  21. ERIA Joins Business 20 in First Roundtable on Solar Supply Chain Development in Northeast India, ASEAN
  22. ERIA Contributes to the T20 Dialogue on Global Just Transition
  23. ERIA Joins Startup20 Task Forces
  24. G20 India Launches First Agriculture Working Group Meeting
  25. ERIA Joins Startup20 Inception Meeting Under G20 India
  26. Business 20 Holds Inception Meeting
  27. ERIA Joins Think Tank 20 Inception Conference

ERIA G20 Publications

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